8 Essential Painting Tools for Your Renovation

They say a bad workman blames his tools but using the wrong tools for the job will never give you a perfect finish.

There are plenty of useful tools and gadgets out there that will make your life easier when tackling any painting project.

Here are eight of our favourites that will help you achieve that perfect paint finish:


You can pick up a paint tray for next to nothing, but the cheaper variety won’t carry paint as well, are often unstable and are as much a hindrance as a convenience. The ROCKCOTE Roller Pack provides you with a deep tray to hold more than enough paint, plus a high-quality roller and extension pole so, no matter what surface you’re painting, you’ll be able to get your paint from tray to wall or roof with less fuss.


You can paint up to a corner with no problem, but to get an even, smooth finish can mean lots of dabbing, smoothing and finishing. With a UNi-PRO Corner Paint Pad, it’s as easy as a single stroke. It might seem a bit excessive, but it will give you far more professional and far quicker finished corners, whether wall-to-wall or wall-to-ceiling.


Buying the wrong masking tape can lead to bleeding, uneven edges and peeling halfway through the job. The ScotchBlue range is made specifically for painters and is the gold standard in painting tape. While it’s a bit more expensive than regular masking tapes, you’ll save heaps on painkillers for all the headaches that cheaper tape will cause!


If you want forearms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s nothing wrong with mixing your paint by hand! But if you’re planning on using more than one can and want to save a lot of effort, a Trojan 100mm Paint Drill Mixer is going to be your new best friend. It fits to any standard power drill and will mix your paint to perfection at the push of a button.


Let’s face it, there will always be drips, over-paint or rough edges to tidy up. Trojan’s 6-in-1 Multi Paint Scraper will help you clean up those stray strokes and splashes. It can also be used as a putty knife, can opener and even has a curved edge for squeezing off your paint rollers. A very handy little tool for your back pocket.


No one brush will be up to every task, so it’s worthwhile expanding your quiver. With ROCKCOTE’s Brush Pack, we have combined three brush sizes to give you the most benefit. The wide, 88mm wall brush is ideal for maximum coverage, while two sash brushes in 63mm and 38mm are perfect for features such as frames, cornices and mouldings. The high-quality, fine-tapered filaments hold plenty of paint while giving a precise square edge to get into the tightest of corners or cover your mouldings smoothly.

  1. EDGER

Edging can be the most time-consuming part of your paint job. The Shur-Line Professional Pop Off Wheel Edger gets up close and personal with even the tightest of corners, giving you a fast, even, precisely-painted corner edge around door frames, architraves, skirting and features.


When you can pop a lid with an old screwdriver, you may think a can opener is pointless, but do yourself a favour! For around 50c, a UNi-PRO Metal Paint Opener is quite possibly the best investment you can make in your collection of tools.

ADDED TIPS: Buy high-quality brushes if you plan to paint your entire home or use for more than one project.

Investing in a high-volume roller will save you a lot of time and trips to your paint tray!

BONUS TIP: If you are planning on a lot of painting, especially for ceilings, stairwells and high walls, an adjustable angle ladder will also be an excellent time-saving investment.

To get the best start for your home redecoration, ROCKCOTE’s Renovator Pack gives you everything you need for a professional finish. Including tray, roller and extension, three brushes, a drop sheet and even masking tape, this single pack will save you time, money and numerous trips to Bunnings and back! Order on our website today.