Acrylic Render

An acrylic render is any type of render that uses acrylic in the mix, which makes it more flexible than traditional render mixes. This means that it’s suitable to be applied to most surfaces whilst being strong and flexible.

The flexibility of the acrylic render reduces the risk of cracking after it has been applied, especially with lightweight substrates (i.e. fibre cement sheeting) where movements happens due to thermal expansion – this is where acrylic renders are very important. Our render products, which use acrylic, have a much greater flexibility, this helps ensure cracks don’t appear when the substrates make small movements.

Rockcote offers three different types of acrylic render, which are used depending on the purpose i.e., finish, texture or basecoat:

1. Coloured Render

Is a topcoat and finish in one – with no need to paint after application. Our Coloured Render range has various textures & finishes and can also be tinted to any other commercially available colour. See Coloured Render 

2. Painted Textures

Painted Textures are an acrylic render with texture that requires the topcoat of paint such as Rockcote Armour (membrane paint). Our Painted Textures comes in various sand profiles for you to choose from which will give you a textured finish underneath the topcoat.

3. Basecoats

Polymer Render Grey and Off White are a flexible acrylic basecoat suitable to be applied over substrates such as fibre cement and painted substrates where tolerance to movement and good adhesion must be considered. Rockcote Polymer Render Grey also sponges to an attractive coarse finish and is ideal for being overcoated with Rockcote topcoats.

The Pros and Cons

The advantages of acrylic rendering

Less Likely to Crack

This is the biggest advantage of using acrylic rendering on the exterior of your home due to its flexibility. This means you won’t have to worry about the natural expansion and contraction of your home causing unsightly hairline cracks throughout your render.

Very fast drying

Acrylic render only takes a couple of days to cure instead of up to a month like traditional render can (if you want to paint it).

Can last a long time:

When it’s applied correctly and well maintained, acrylic render can last a long time. Using a full Rockcote system, you could be eligible for a 15year warranty*.

*Subject to the substrate and finish selected.

Doesn’t require painting

Rockcote Coloured Render range can be applied without being painted. However, if you are after a painted look see our Painted Textures range.

Suitable to more surfaces

Acrylic Render is suitable to more surfaces, especially where light weight substrates are being used i.e. Fibre Cement Sheeting.

Range of finishes

It can also suit many types of buildings, with a wide range of colours and textures available. The render can be applied in different ways to create different finishes, whether you prefer a smooth concrete finish or a heavily textured with a Mediterranean feel and look to it.

The disavantages of acrylic rendering

Can be more expensive

Acrylic render can be more expensive upfront, however its durability means it won’t have to be reapplied so often, which can save money in the long term. Depending on the finish it can be difficult to apply when DIY.

Cannot be used over wood

Acrylic Render is not suitable to go over wood.

Product Details


Rockcote Polymer Render Grey or Off White are flexible acrylic based coatings for use on substrates such as fibre cement and painted substrates where tolerance to movement and good adhesion must be considered.

Recommended Products: Polymer Render Grey or Off White.

Coloured Renders:

Rockcote Coloured Renders offer a tough, flexible and water resistant finish with long-term exterior protection, designed for Australian conditions. With various textures and finishes available and tintable to any commercially available colour.  The advantage of Coloured Renders comes with the depth of colour that permeates the entire render layer maintaining a rich, full colour.

Recommended products: Sandcote Hydratech, Cerano or Finecote.

Painted Textures

Rockcote Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone. Rockcote Textures create attractive, tactile surfaces with intentional character. Designed to be overcoated with Rockcote Armour.

Recommended Products: Tuscany Trowel On or Acrylic Texture

Safety & Sustainability:

Rendering your home is a long-term solution, which requires less maintenance over the years to come which leads to less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.


It’s not about what render is better, more about what render best suit you and your project. Rockcote can customise render systems suitable to your substrate and required finish.
We can tint to any commercial colour available on the market.

Rockcote recommend you contact one of our local stockists near you for pricing.

  1. Concrete/cement render – can be cheaper upfront and easier to apply DIY than acrylic render, but with less durability and longevity and is only suitable to masonry substrates.
  2. House paint – a simple but effective coating, exterior paint is less durable than render, but is available in a wider range of colours, finishes and effects.