How to Navigate Covid as a Renderer or Applicator

The worst of the Covid pandemic might be behind us, but for many tradespeople there is now increased awareness of hygiene and safety practices on the job. And the reality is, it’s in the interests of your business, your staff, and your customers to employ best practice in the workplace.

So how do you continue to manage the minefield of Covid safety yet still get the job done effectively in an era where hygiene and safety remain top of mind? Here are our top tips on how to navigate Covid as a renderer or applicator.

Apply social distancing

By now, social distancing is almost second nature to everyone after more than two years of a pandemic.
But it pays to refresh yourself with social distancing best practice when entering a client’s home or worksite.

As a rule, keep 1.5m distance from others where possible and try to minimise the number of people spending time together in one area on site. Although the guidelines have changed and will continue to do so, the standard rule is one person for every 4sq m of space within a property. Meanwhile, anyone who is sick or feeling unwell should not be in attendance.

Practice hygiene

Good hygiene practices are key to stopping the spread of Covid and a wealth of other viruses including the common cold and the flu.

Remember to carry personal hand sanitiser, wash your hands with soap regularly and avoid touching your face where possible. If you’re working with a team, it also pays to have hand sanitiser readily available for all team members.

Use tech to organise the job

If there’s been one upside to the past couple of years, it’s the adoption of technology to streamline the work process. To minimise time spent on site and limit face-to-face interaction, technology can now be used to organise many jobs.

This includes Facetime, video and phone calls that allow you to liaise with clients and other contractors to plan the work in advance rather than attending a location in person.

Covid policy

During the height of Covid many contractors and businesses were required to have Covid-safe policies in place to ensure they could keep on working.

Although restrictions have since relaxed, it’s beneficial to still have a Covid-safe plan that you actively share with both clients and staff. This helps reassure your customers you are employing best practice and are minimising any risk. It also helps protect your team and other contractors or tradespeople.

Be organised

To limit how often you come and go from the job site, ensure you have all necessary tools, hardware, and materials before attending. Not only does this help reduce the risk of catching and spreading Covid and other bugs, but it also increases job efficiency.

Talk to your client about Covid safety

For some clients, life feels like it has returned to normal, but for others there may still be increasing anxiety about catching Covid or any of the other bugs that go around each year.

As you plan out the job, talk to your client openly about how you approach Covid safety and ask them if they have any special needs or concerns. This allows you to plan the job in advance while being mindful and respectful of their needs.

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