Picking the Perfect Paint

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over our many years in the industry, it’s that no two paint jobs are the same!

Different surfaces, customer requirements, even variations in natural and artificial lighting all play part in choosing the correct paint finish for your project. While most interiors don’t have a one-paint-fits-all solution, ROCKCOTE makes your job easier with a range of non-toxic, low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paints to give you the best finish on any surface.

But with four styles to choose from, which is the right one for you?

This short guide will give you a greater understanding of different applications and how to choose paints according to your room, location and lighting orientation.

There are two primary styles of paint – gloss and matte – and ROCKCOTE offers two further options for each:


EcoStyle Gloss is a timeless classic. An ideal choice for traditional-style brick or timber Queenslander residences, the durable high-gloss finish highlights window and door frames, architraves and skirting boards. As older buildings tend to offer less window frontage, this gloss finish highlights and maximises natural lighting, giving an extra source of illumination to an otherwise dim atmosphere.

Traditionally, these areas of increased contact and climatic distress require regular repainting and tend to dull, soil and peel over time. Thanks to ROCKCOTE’s refined formula, the quick-drying finish is scrubbable, stain-resistant and repels mould and fungus despite being non-toxic and low VOC.


Conventional timber window and door frames, as well as interior features such as recesses and archways, are often enhanced and complimented with a gloss paint. But sometimes a high sheen can offer too much glare and reflection, detracting from the room’s ambience.

A satin finish projects these interior features without the highly-reflective sheen of a high gloss paint.

Hard-wearing, washable and durable, EcoStyle Satin perfectly finishes built-in shelving, accentuating features and perfectly complementing picture frames, vases and other displayed objects without detracting from them with an overly-shiny surface.


Gloss paints are usually limited to frames and architraves, but sometimes you require their vibrant benefits throughout your room or property. A low-sheen paint gives larger surfaces, particularly walls, a radiance, enhancing natural lighting and offering a warm glow to artificial light. Smaller, poorly-lit rooms can be given a more expansive feel with a low-sheen treatment, while in larger rooms, the brighter surfaces can accentuate feature windows throughout the day, create a natural flow from interior to extra areas such as patios, and provide warmth and cosiness in the evening without feeling constricted or claustrophobic.

This can also be a huge benefit to internal corridors, refracting light the length of a property and creating expansion in an otherwise narrow space.

Non-toxic EcoStyle Low Sheen is ideally-suited to family living spaces or nurseries and can bring a natural glow to any interior.


Modern properties often take advantage of views, natural lighting and orientation, inviting panoramic scenery into the property. Minimalist interiors offer large, airy spaces and exaggerate the internal dimensions of a home or building.

While this is desirable and beneficial in many circumstances, it can also become overbearing and with the wrong choice of paint, you may find yourself needing to offer guests sunglasses even on a gloomy day inside!

A flat matte absorbs excess reflective light, both natural and artificial, without compromising those beneficial assets of modern design. Clean, shear surfaces become tactile and subtle and even large, split-level façades will dissolve into the background or offer a seamless transition to the scenery beyond.

The simple choice of your paint style and application can elevate your property and bring life to a dull interior. It can reduce electricity expenses through utilising and enhancing natural lighting, and even bring greater appeal and value to your property.

By choosing wisely, you can transform any room from a dull box into the warm and vibrant heart of your home.

View the range of ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Interior paints today and bring some brightness to your next project.