Why We Make Non-Toxic Paints

It’s no secret that the average Australian is becoming a lot more environmentally conscious about the products they use and the items they buy.

And when it comes to construction, building or renovating, it’s no different, with savvy consumers seeking out more sustainable materials that take less of an environmental toll.

This is just one of the reasons Rockcote has developed a range of EcoStyle non-toxic paints. There are also further benefits that go beyond the environmental impact.

In this article, we share five of the important reasons why we make non-toxic paints.

1.   Environmentally friendly

According to recent research, nine in 10 Australians are more likely to purchase ethical and sustainable products, with the survey also revealing that 85 per cent of consumers want retailers and brands to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products.

That push is also increasingly evident in the construction industry, with consumers actively seeking products that are more sustainable when it comes to the design, materials, maintenance, and livability of their homes.

Most importantly, consumers also appreciate small, everyday choices about the items they buy and use can collectively add up to have a major impact when it comes to reducing their environmental footprint.

2.   Low odour

A great added benefit of non-toxic paints is that they produce less odour, and for those who are sensitive to smell or who have allergies, this can be critical.

The low odour nature of our EcoStyle paint range ensures you can paint today and occupy today without that heady scent of fresh paint lingering.

3.   Less VOCs and fewer dangerous chemicals

Not only are non-toxic paints better for the environment, but they are also better for the property inhabitant and the painter applying them.

That’s because non-toxic paints are free of a lengthy list of dangerous chemicals and solvents including formaldehyde, glycol ethers, phthalates, and crystalline quartz silica.

Meanwhile they also have very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Why is that important? Well, VOCs are chemicals that can easily evaporate at room temperature and off gas into the surrounding air.

4.   A finish without compromise

Making a better choice for the environment and your health needn’t mean comprising on quality. In fact, our range of EcoStyle paints offer all the benefits of traditional paints and more.

Not only are they certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, but they also offer exceptional results, have superb durability and are low maintenance.

We’re proud to note features of our EcoStyle paint range include:

  • Premium quality interior paint
  • 100 per cent acrylic
  • Exceptional aesthetics
  • Low maintenance, three coat system
  • Scrubbable and easy to clean
  • Resistance to stains, dirt, mould, mildew, and fungi, and
  • Lasting results backed by a 15-year warranty

5.   Benefits for everyone

The environmental credentials, long-lasting and low-maintenance performance, and the improved health aspects of EcoStyle non-toxic paints mean they are beneficial to everyone in the construction process.

From the architects who recommend them to the painters who apply them and the homeowners who enjoy their long-lasting results, it’s a win-win-win for all, including the environment.

You can learn more about our EcoStyle non-toxic paint range here.

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