Previously Painted / Coated Masonry

Previously Painted / Coated Masonry Sandcote
Step 1
Keycote / High Adhesion Primer
Clear Finishes, Exterior

Keycote / High Adhesion Primer


Step 2

(Any Quick Render can be used)*

Step 3


Step 4
Step 5
Clearcote / Repel
Clear Finishes, Exterior

Rockcote Sandcote - Elegance with a natural sparkle

Rockcote Sandcote delivers an elegant and pristine rendered look, catering to those who are searching for a smooth and natural look for the exterior of buildings. The look is transitional between a beachside home and a contemporary urban masterpiece.

This product has been formulated to maximise the shimmery effect of the sand with the appearance of a slight sparkle evident in different light. Superior quality and flexibility mean that the product is low maintenance and bridges minor cracking in the substrate.

Rockcote Coloured Render range is 100% acrylic that will stand the test of time. Giving you a lasting beauty and performance without the need for painting and with colour that extends all the way through the render.

System: Rockcote Sandcote
Finish: Coloured Render
Substrate Brand: Previously Painted / Coated Masonry
System Warranty: Up to 15 Years

*1st & 2nd step is optional, depending on the substrate, level of build and finish required.

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