The Benefits of Using a Non-Toxic Paint

Sometimes the small everyday things add up to make a whole world of difference. And when it comes to a renovation or building project, it can be as simple as the materials you select, including the paint you use.

That’s why we’ve created a line-up of non-toxic paints, which offer a wealth of benefits for painters, building inhabitants, and the environment. So, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using non-toxic paint.

Non-toxic paint has less environmental impact

If one trend has emerged over recent years, it’s that people are becoming more aware of the environmental impact that everyday practices can have. 

From the items we purchase to the products we use, people are paying closer attention to how things are sourced and manufactured, along with the effects their use has on the environment we live in.

Non-toxic paints cater to this shift. Sourced from nature, they have fewer harmful chemicals, making their manufacture and use kinder to the environment.

The lack of harmful chemical contaminants also has a host of flow-on effects. From the point of manufacture, right through to their application, the clean-up and disposal, there are no pollutants being released into the environment.

Non-toxic paint is kinder to those with allergies and chemical sensitivities

One key benefit of non-toxic paints is that they are kind to painters and building inhabitants. As they are non-toxic, they are also low odour and that has major benefits for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.

In fact, our EcoStyle paint range ensures you can paint today and occupy today without fear of nasty chemical effects or the onset of allergies.

Non-toxic paint has low volatile organic compounds

Over recent years, much talk has turned to the issue of VOCs, volatile organic compounds.

In a nutshell, volatile organic compounds are found in many products we use in our homes. Over time, these chemicals are released or ‘off gas’ into the air we breathe, which has long-term effects.  

Not only are they bad for people’s health, but VOCs are also bad for the environment, with VOCs considered a contributor to global warming.

Non-toxic paint produces no hazardous waste

A further benefit of using non-toxic paints is found in their clean-up and disposal. 

Non-toxic paints are not considered hazardous waste, meaning the clean-up has few effects and can be readily disposed of without environmental impact.

It’s what non-toxic paint doesn’t contain that counts

The reality is it’s what you do not find in non-toxic paints that counts the most.

Non-toxic paints contain no:

  • Glycol ethers
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Ammonia
  • Toluene
  • Crystalline quartz silica
  • Odour hiding chemicals

You can read more about these chemicals and their harmful effects here.

The choice is easy

Not only are non-toxic paints kinder to the environment and people’s health, but they are also manufactured to stand the test of time and provide a state-of-the-art finish.

That makes the small choice of selecting a paint that’s better for the environment, for people’s health and for the project easy.

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