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Australia’s most loved & trusted brand of Cement Renders, Coloured Renders & Natural Material coatings. Made tough for residential & commercial buildings.


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We have a proud 40-year history and produce reliable, high performance and easy to apply products.
We understand the construction challenges our harsh Australian climate presents.
We provide support and advice with products that save time and money, look great and perform well.


Rockcote is one of Australia’s most loved and trusted brands and manufacturer of cement and coloured Render, Textures, Paint and Natural Materials coatings. Rockcote has been around for over 40 years and understands the need of Australian architects and designers and works closely with builders, applicators, and painters to create products that perform exceptionally in Australian conditions.

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Inspired by nature

We should live and work in tune with nature, in buildings built in accordance with her laws, emulating her designs, harnessing her natural energy flows and respecting her limits.

Buildings should celebrate life over sterility, restraint over extravagance, beauty over tawdriness.