Rockcote Construction Systems

Rockcote Construction Systems

Lightweight wall & floor solutions

Introducing a lightweight (AAC and EPS), weatherproof external cladding system that offers comprehensive moisture management, insulation, and the stunning aesthetics of Rockcote’s seamless render, providing you with an all-in-one walling solution.

At Rockcote Construction Systems, we understand the importance of first impressions. That’s why our systems are designed to offer a complete solution for both walls and floors. Paired with our high-quality internal and external finishes, your home will display true distinction.

Choose our superior and cost-effective wall and flooring solution for your next project.

Rockcote Construction Systems

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Rockcote Construction Systems

Why choose A Rockcote Construction System?

Design flexibility

First impressions count. That’s why our Rockcote Construction Systems have been designed to deliver a high quality, exterior rendered finish that makes a home truly distinctive.

Rockcote Construction Systems can be used for a range of different home types, build styles and blocks. Entire homes, single story (upper or lower), duplexes and townhouses can all benefit from the improved design flexibility and beautiful rendered finish of the system.

Designers can maximise the capabilities of the walling system that is easily cut to shapes impossible to achieve with bricks.

The flexible system is ideal for:
  • Architecturally designed homes
  • Building or rebuilding in a character controlled area
  • Achieving a smooth rendered finish without bricks
  • Developments where covenants require homes to utilise more than one finish or substrate 
  • Contemporary designs where different substrate and finish styles are sought
  • Challenging blocks or difficult to access locations where brick or concrete can be cumbersome