Finishes Tool

Find the right finish for your job

The Rockcote Finishes Tool is an interactive tool where you choose your desired finish and then select what substrate/material it’s going on. You’ll then be shown what Rockcote products you need to achieve your desired finish and the steps to take.

Step 1 - What is your desired finish?

Step 2 - What is your substrate / material?

Step 3

Sandcote Hydratech

Rockcote Sandcote Hydratech -Superior coloured render with a natural sparkle

Sandcote Hydratech is a natural coloured render that uses the inherent beauty of mineral sands and aggregates to produce a natural modern texture finish.

Stipple Finish with Armour Flex

Rockcote Armour Flex - Our most advanced high performance membrane - ever

Rockcote Armour Flex is a high build, high performance membrane. Formulated for both thickness and flexibility to achieve an outstanding crack-bridging capability. It is a water resistant and our most flexible acrylic membrane paint that can be applied with a texture roller to create a stipple finish.

Tuscany Trowel On

Rockcote Tuscany Trowel On – Create attractive, tactile surfaces with intentional character

Rockcote Tuscany Trowel On specifically formulated to be a highly crack resistant, flexible acrylic texture render. Specifically formulated – hides imperfections and allows you to create a uniform finish across the wall using a Rockcote texture float.


Rockcote Toscani for a lime wash style finish

Rockcote Toscani is a sand-based texture paint that can be left off the roller or crosshatched using a brush to achieve a subtle lime wash style finish. Additional colours can be blended in during finishing to achieve an attractive patina finish, if required.


Rockcote Santini – Creates a rugged, hand-crafted “bagged” finish

Drawing inspiration from traditional stucco, Rockcote Santini’s dense texture and higher build delivers a more rugged look.

This versatile product can be used to achieve a wide range of finishes through different application techniques. Known for its heavy bagged finish reminiscent of a Spanish villa, Santini can be applied with a broom head, brush or mitt.


Rockcote Sandcote - Elegance with a natural sparkle

Rockcote Sandcote delivers an elegant and pristine rendered look, catering to those who are searching for a smooth and natural look for the exterior of buildings. The look is transitional between a beachside home and a contemporary urban masterpiece.


Rockcote Finecote – Create beautiful curves and light reflections with Rockcote Coloured Render

Create a classic render finish with Finecote by Rockcote. Our smoothest and most subtle finish in the Coloured Render Range. The fine texture is brought to life by light reflective particles of luminescent sand contained in the formula. Finecote allow you to create a consistent, seamless and natural looking finish.

Concrete Finish

Rockcote Concrete Finish – Ultra fine contemporary finish for masonry substrates

Rockcote Concrete Finish is a polymer modified product designed to create an authentic smooth concrete look finish visually equal to a Class 1 Concrete finish.


Rockcote Cerano concrete look features for interiors or exteriors walls

Bring your design ideas to life with Rockcote Cerano.

Premixed and highly versatile, Cerano is ideal for introducing different textures or finishes to interior or exterior walls or feature areas. Rockcote Cerano delivers the exceptional performance, it’s tough and flexible with a durable finish and can be tinted to any colour.

Sponge Finish and Armour

Create a simple render look with a durable finish from Rockcote Quick Render range and Armour

Sponge your render for a classic render look and top it with Rockcote Armour for a high performance render and paint system. Rockcote Armour has been formulated for both thickness and flexibility to achieve a superior crack-bridging capability. It is a water resistant and highly flexible acrylic membrane paint that can be applied by nap roller, brush or spray gun.