Rockcote Quick Render Non-Combustible

The Game Is Changing

Rockcote Quick Render Non-Combustible compliant with AS1530.1.

In response to the London Grenfell Tower fire disaster in June 2017 and subsequent reviews of building products in the Australian market, significant changes were made to the National Construction Codes (NCC) to tighten compliance requirements for internal and external cladding products and finishes relating to fire hazards. These changes were adopted as part of the NCC on the 1st May 2019.

NCC requirements for external walls required to be non-combustible. For a building of Type A or B construction, C1.9(a)(i) specifies that elements of external walls, including their components, must be non-combustible. Components of external walls include façade covering
(e.g. render and external cladding).

The changes apply to Class 2 to 9 buildings of Type A and B construction.
In simple terms, regardless of whether render is part of an external wall or an ancillary element to buildings of Type A or Type B  construction, where part of a DTS* Solution, the render must be non-combustible. *Deemed To Satisfy (DTS)

How does Rockcote stack up?
Rockcote has developed a fully non-combustible cement render that complies with AS1530.1 standard for combustibility. Tested and confirmed by a NATA accredited organisation.