Coloured Render versus Painting a House

Whether you’re looking to add the final touch to a new construction or seeking to renovate your home, one of the big questions many ask is which finishing option is best; coloured render or paint?

In this article we explore the pros and cons of coloured render versus painting a house, examining each so you can see what best suits you.

Coloured Render

Coloured Render has gained huge popularity in recent years, allowing a surface to be transformed with texture for an aesthetic finish whilst adding value and street appeal to your house.

The method sees the chosen render applied over an existing surface and is suited to a range of different substrates materials including masonry, concrete and many more.

The chosen colour is contained within the render, removing the need for regular repainting in the future. And with a variety of textures and finishes available, allowing the surfaces to take on a whole new look and feel.

For properties undergoing a renovation or update, this makes coloured render a revolutionary option for updating tired, old, and dated areas. For new homes, it adds a final touch that can help your project stand out from the crowd.

Importantly, coloured render can also safeguard the surface it is applied to, adding a degree of protection against the harsh Australian weather elements.

As an added benefit, coloured render is more resistant to sun, water and mould and is less likely to crack, peel or flake than paint is, courtesy of its flexible nature.

Did you know? When you use coloured render your scaffolding cost may be reduced as its only required by the renderer – not by a painter. This means the one tradesperson can do the job – you don’t have to liaise between them. Then the tradie is off the site quicker with less mess – so this may mean coloured render can cost less overall.

As an example our Sandcote HYDRATECH is the next generation of Coloured Render with water repellency embedded into the composition of the coating, allowing the water to run off for a longer lasting protection to your house.

Rockcote can offer up to 15 years* systems warranty for a full Rockcote Coloured Render system compared to a paint warranty.

* depending on substrate and finish

Benefits of coloured render

  • A variety of textures and finishes available
  • Can add value and street appeal to your house
  • Helps protect the substrate
  • Long lifespan due to the tough, flexible and water-resistant finish
  • A more natural aesthetic than painted finishes

Painting a House

Painting has long been the popular method of updating a tired area, changing a colour scheme or re-invigorating a room or the exterior of a house. And there are a range of reasons why paint retains its popularity.

Easy to use and simple to apply, paint can quickly transform the look and feel of a space with colour. It’s also a surface finish which can be altered easily when the mood takes you, with entire rooms or areas being transformed in as little as a weekend.

These days, paint also has a much longer lifespan than in years gone by, with additional benefits and improvements such as mould-resistance, wash and wear properties.

For the DIY renovator or those with a set budget, painting also offers the benefit of being cost effective and a relatively easy task to undertake.

Benefits of paint

  • Suitable to most substrate surfaces
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to alter
  • Quick to complete
  • Creates a modern appearance that can be changed when required

It Comes Down to Choice

Ultimately, whether you opt for coloured render or paint, it comes down to choice – with the look you’re seeking to create, budget and the style of the area all coming into play.

Either way, Rockcote has a range of suitable render and paint options that can transform any area of the home.

Both our paints and coloured renders can be tinted to any shade you desire, offering a quality finish that also has the environment in mind.

You can view our full range of paint, render and other products here.

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