How rendering can save your clients money

Whether your client is embracing the current home renovation trend or is looking to put the final touches on a new property, rendering is a great way to add an aesthetically appealing finish to any project.

But it’s not just the look of render that proves a major drawcard. Rendering can actually save your clients money in both the short and long term.

From increased energy efficiency to protecting the value of their property, here are the four reasons why rendering is an investment that will save your clients money in the long-term.

The Four Reasons Rendering Can Save Your Clients Money

1. Energy efficiency

For many Australians, the quarterly electricity bill has skyrocketed in recent years. And more and more are also looking to improve the energy efficiency of their properties in a bid to curb their environmental footprint.

As render effectively adds an extra layer to the wall that it coats, it can improve the energy efficiency of any property.

That means reduced expense on heating and cooling, and a property that’s a lot more environmentally friendly as well.

2. Reducing the expense of repairs

Even good old bricks can benefit from a little extra protection to reduce the expense of repairs over time.

Rendering acts as a protective barrier, mitigating the need for future maintenance and repairs.

And of course, one extra benefit is that it can give tired bricks a whole new lease on life, or unite different surfaces, such as bricks and fibre cement sheeting, into one seamless, modern finish.

3. Protection from the elements

Australia’s no stranger to extreme weather – from scorching hot sun to endless days of driving rain. And increasingly our houses need to be protected from the elements.

Not only can render help reduce heat transfer from exterior walls, but it can also reduce the risk of rain entering your property, which saves a lot of money in the long run when it comes to preventable repairs.

It is also worth noting that choosing a lighter colour will increase the light reflectance value (LRV), meaning less heat will remain on the surface. This reduces the thermal expansion that heat has on your render- further protecting it from the elements.

4. A quick reno

The great Australian dream of owning a property is one that endures and there’s no indication this trend will change any time soon.

But of course, renovations and upgrades can be costly.

Render offers the opportunity to give almost any property a new lease of life – whether it’s tired old brickwork from the ‘80s that needs a refresh, or a new addition that needs to be seamlessly incorporated into an existing home.

The best thing about render is that it can be applied to a whole range of surfaces that go well beyond brickwork, making it suitable for almost any building project or makeover.

Tilt panels, fibre cement sheeting, and Besser blocks are among the surfaces that render such as Rockcote is suited to, making an ideal product when it comes to creating a seamless finish across multiple areas inside and outside the home.

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