The Benefits of Using a Natural Material Finish

When it comes to a building’s design and finish, the most stunning inspiration is often found in nature.

From colour to texture and materials, this nod to the world around us brings the outdoors in, reflecting the environment we live in and providing a calming balance in our homes, our workplaces, and our public spaces.

That’s why we at Rockcote have created the popular Natural Materials range.

Inspired by nature, sourced from nature and kind to nature, this suite of finishes adds a touch of distinction to any residential or commercial project.

Here are just some of the benefits of using a natural material finish in your next project…

In Harmony with Nature

Australia has an increasing appreciation for our unique environment, and our architecture and building design reflects this trend.

Not only do we seek to incorporate the environment around us into our buildings, designs and finishes, Australian architecture is all about actively bringing the outdoors in.

Natural finishes are tailored to this shift, incorporating elements of nature such as texture, tone and pattern that mimic and embrace the soothing ambience of nature.

A Distinctive Look

Whether it’s a feature area or the complete finish of a home’s interior, natural finishes offer a distinctive look that is both eye-catching and inspiring.

The range includes textured finishes such as the ever-popular Earthen Render, in-vogue looks like Lime Wash and luxe elements such as the glass-like polish of Rockcote Venetian Plaster.

Each are designed to bring the ‘wow’ factor to a project courtesy of a finish that is unique, highly durable and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

A distinctive, natural finish does not mean compromising on quality, comfort, or the environment.

In addition to being inspired by nature, the natural materials range is sourced from nature and kind to nature.

This is because when we talk about natural materials, we are referring to paints and renders derived from elements that naturally occur around us, including natural oils, clay, and plant extracts.

Not only does this offer environmental benefits in the manufacturing process, it ensures the products are free of chemicals and volatile organic compounds and produce no residual odour.

That means they are not only better for the environment as a whole, they are a healthier option for the occupants of the buildings where they are used.

It also means our natural materials range is fully recyclable and can be returned to the earth after use.

Gentle on Buildings, Kind to People

Due to their natural origins and chemical-free ingredients, natural materials are a gentle addition to the buildings they enhance.

Easy to apply, safe to use and visually stunning, using natural materials reduces the volume of toxins and harmful substances used in a building which then emit into the air that people breathe.

It’s all about protecting the building, protecting the environment, and protecting the people who use that space, without compromising on quality.

High-Quality Performance

And speaking of quality, when you use Natural Materials, you can indeed have it all, without compromising on high-quality performance. This is one of the major features of the range.

For builders, designers, painters and the occupants, the range allows you to create a stunning finish that is better for people, better for the planet and still offers longevity and the top-quality finish found in all our Australian-made paints, renders and finishes.

Ready to work with Rockcote?

If you’re looking to work with Natural Materials and products that are better for people, better for the planet and offer proven quality, you can read more about our Natural Materials range here.

Alternatively, you can visit a local stockist or contact us – our friendly team are ready to help in any way.