Tips for Applying Coloured Renders & Textures

At Rockcote, our mission is simple: we’re here to make a difference. We understand the trade, and we’re dedicated to leading the way. 

That’s why our acrylic textures and coloured renders are not just products; they’re part of a dependable, year-round solution for the trade. Leveraging the latest advancements in coating technology, we’ve formulated our acrylic textures and coloured renders to be your year-round solution for any season. 

Our innovative formulations ensure superior performance in varying weather conditions and throughout the seasons. But to ensure the best results and longevity of our products, it’s crucial to keep the following in mind: 

 1. Temperature and Humidity: 

 Acrylic textures and Coloured Renders should generally be applied when the air and substrate temperatures are between 10°C to 35°C. Humidity should ideally be below 85%. Temperatures and humidity beyond these ranges can significantly affect the drying process and final quality.

 2. Re-coating Times: 

 As a rule of thumb, a subsequent coat can typically be applied after 24-48 hours. However, this interval can change based on specific product guidelines and environmental conditions.

 3. Drying Times: 

 Drying times for these products can vary greatly, typically from 24 hours to several days. The drying time is influenced by various factors such as ambient air temperature prior to and during the application and drying process, humidity, application thickness, substrate temperature and moisture content, and air circulation.

 4. Moisture Protection: 

 Protect freshly applied product from rain, frost, heavy dews and other sources of moisture for a minimum of 48 hours. Some textures may require extended protection up to 3-5 days depending on environmental conditions. 

Special Considerations: 

Application should be avoided during windy conditions and it’s not advisable to let coatings dry overnight in cool, moist or uncertain conditions. Care should be taken not to apply the product if the temperature is likely to fall below the minimum recommended (often 10°C) during the application or drying period. 

Another critical factor in the drying process is the moisture in the substrate prior to any coatings being applied. Products should only be applied when the moisture content of the substrate is below 15% WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent), and should be monitored prior to and during the application of the coating system. 

Tips for Applying Coloured Renders & Textures