ROCKCOTE Quick Renders

ROCKCOTE Quick Renders are the practical alternative to ‘site mix’ render, designed to meet the requirements of the professional tradesperson and the demands of modern construction. Our state-of-the-art Dry-Mix Render Plant enables ROCKCOTE to create pre-mixed renders with unrivalled quality and consistency.

ROCKCOTE’s Quick Render range has a product for almost every substrate and project. For tradesmen seeking a spray on cement render, most products in the range can be applied with a render pump. Quick Renders are easy to use and provide excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates.

See the ROCKCOTE Quick Render Range

Masonry Renders

Quick Render Coarse

Quick Render Quick Float

Quick Render Premium Sponge

Quick Render Super Fine

Quick Render Grey

Quick Render Off White

Quick Render Fine

Specialty Renders

Quick Render Fibre Reinforced

Quick Render Non-Combustible

Quick Render PM100 High Build

Quick Render High Strength

Quick Render PM100