Sponge Finish and Armour

Fibre Cement Sheeting - Recessed Edge

Before rendering can commence, ensure joints are prepped with Rockcote Patch&Prep and mesh over joints. LRV Limitations*

Blueboard Fibre Cement Sheeting Armoured Sponge Finish
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Create a simple render look with a durable finish from Rockcote Polymer Render range and Armour

Sponge your render for a classic render look and top it with Rockcote Armour for a high performance render and paint system. Rockcote Armour has been formulated for both thickness and flexibility to achieve a superior crack-bridging capability. It is a water resistant and highly flexible acrylic membrane paint that can be applied by nap roller, brush or spray gun.

Rockcote Armour is applied in the same manner as standard exterior acrylic paint but will provide a much higher level of protection and durability as it has been created for the harsh Australian climate.

System: Sponge Finish and Armour
Finish: Sponge Finish
Substrate Brand: Blueboard, James Hardie, Comtex
System Warranty: Up to 10 Years

*Light Reflectance Value (LRV) limitations on Blueboard shall not be lower than 40%. Rockcote will not warrant the use of colours with a LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of less than this percentage over the specified substrate.

**Masonry Primer Hi Op recommended on large broad wall areas, to ensure uniform coverage and colour consistency.

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