Off Form Concrete

Off Form Concrete Finecote
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Clearcote / Repel
Clear Finishes, Exterior

Create beautiful curves and light reflections with Rockcote Coloured Render

Create a classic render finish with Finecote by Rockcote. Our smoothest and most subtle finish in the Coloured Render Range. The fine texture is brought to life by light reflective particles of luminescent sand contained in the formula. Finecote allow you to create a consistent, seamless and natural looking finish.

Rockcote Finecote is suitable for any substrate, including masonry, as well as lightweight substrates such as fibre cement sheeting and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).

Rockcote Coloured Render range is 100% acrylic that will stand the test of time. Giving you a lasting beauty and performance without the need for painting and with colour that extends all the way through the render.

System: Rockcote Finecote
Finish: Coloured Render
Substrate Brand: Off Form Concrete
System Warranty: Up to 15 Years

*Finecote require two applications to achieve minimum 1mm film build.

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