Concrete Finish

Previously Painted / Coated Masonry

Previously Painted / Coated Masonry Concrete Finish
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Clearcote / Repel
Clear Finishes, Exterior

Clearcote / Repel**

Ultra fine contemporary finish for masonry substrates

Rockcote Concrete Finish is a polymer modified product designed to create an authentic smooth concrete look finish visually equal to a Class 1 Concrete finish.

Already pre-coloured Rockcote Concrete Finish makes achieving the perfect concrete look easier than ever while maintaining strength and flexibility from its cement base.

System: Concrete Finish
Finish: Polished Concrete Finish
Substrate Brand: Previously Painted / Coated Masonry
System Warranty: Up to 7.5 Years

*If levelling is required, please refer to our Quick Render Range

**Alternative topcoats are available, depending on sheen level.

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