The Great Outdoors – Painting For The Elements

Painting is one of those jobs that you want to be doing as infrequently as possible – especially when it comes to your roof or entire home exterior!

By painting for the elements and getting it right first time, you will increase durability, reduce maintenance and improve the overall aesthetics of your property for longer. Here’s how to get more out of your hard work by choosing the right products and methods for the environment you live in.

The Aussie Sun

We love it, we hate it, we wouldn’t be without it and we can’t get out from under it! Much as it’s part of our culture and lifestyle, the sun also does a great deal of damage, and it’s not just our skin that suffers.

Roofs are at the mercy of the sun from sunrise to sunset and can be prone to cracking, discolouration and raising the temperature inside! ROCKCOTE’s Solar Protect is a high-performance acrylic-based membrane designed specifically to stand up to the sun and protect your roof. Reflecting heat and offering long-term protection for steel and tiled roofs, Solar Protect will also help to reduce internal temperatures.

Dealing with Sea Change

We love being near the ocean – how can 80 percent of us be wrong? But life on the coast comes with its costs. Damp climates and salty air can rapidly deteriorate exterior surfaces, leading to peeling paint, mould and cracking. ROCKCOTE Armour Flex can be tinted to a wide range of colours to match your home, just like any paint, but with the many benefits of an acrylic-based protective membrane.

Highly water-resistant, it protects the outer walls of your property from damp air and seaspray. The acrylic element allows for flexibility, greatly reducing the potential of cracking and peeling, and creates a protective mould-resistant coating for your walls.

Added to those many benefits, ROCKCOTE Armour Flex has excellent colour retention and is durable, allowing you to scrub away the dirt without marking or deteriorating your walls.

Paint When You Don’t Want Paint

ROCKCOTE Clearcote gives all the benefits of our high-performance acrylic paints, without the colour. This is particularly useful for properties with tinted renders that you don’t want to cover up with a coloured paint, but that need an added layer of protection from the elements.

Applied in the same way as a regular paint, Clearcote gives your property greater resilience to mould, rain and grime build-up, with a scuff-resistant surface that allows you to scrub away dirt without damaging the render beneath.

Clearcote can be painted on, but you can also apply with a roller or spray applicator, giving you a quick and easy finish that will dry rapidly and endure the harshest Australian climates.

Horizontal Surfaces

Roofs require added protection, but they aren’t the only flatter surface that need painting. Concrete or rendered exterior flooring can suffer discolouration, water damage and a build-up of mould and grime if not properly treated.

While it may not technically be a paint in the normal sense, ROCKCOTE Repel is a clear, low-build finish with a water-repellent and mould-resistant surface. This clearcoat product can be painted or brushed on, retaining the colours and features of the material beneath it while providing lasting protection against wear, mould and the elements.

By selecting the right product for your exterior surfaces, you will protect your property, avoid mould and weather damage and save yourself many hours or maintenance and hard work.

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