The Rockcote Product Development Process

Our products might grace the walls of some of Australia’s most beautiful architecture, but long before Rockcote’s paints and renders make their way into the mainstream, they are tried, tested, and refined as part of our rigorous Rockcote product development process that’s all about ensuring beauty, natural benefits, and quality.

So, what exactly is involved? Here’s an insight into Rockcote’s product development process and why it’s key to our ethos and the popularity of our range.

The product development process

Every product that Rockcote releases to the market has gone through a stringent development process that takes a year or longer to complete.

And it all starts with defining a need. As a business, Rockcote has an innate focus on solving problems.

It’s a philosophy that is in our DNA and strikes right at the heart of our history. More than 40 years ago we saw a need for better coating systems, and each product we have added to that range is intended to extend on that ethos of improvement.

In the process, we collaborate with the industry and reverse engineer from their needs to bring useable, accessible, and quality products to life.

When determining the new products we pursue, we are guided by three main aims:

  • To improve existing products
  • To find solutions and solve a need in the current market
  • To harness market trends and offer naturally inspired, premium quality products that are home-grown in Australia.

Along the way, we tap into the talents of our team, liaise extensively with the greater construction industry, and never compromise on quality.

All about collaboration

When it comes to the people who drive our innovation, we take our cues from within our team and beyond.

We actively collaborate with applicators, architects, and builders to create products that perform in the Australian environment and are long-lasting.

We see ideas as opportunities and listen to the needs and feedback of our customers, while also carefully studying trends and innovating in advance of the styles emerging.

Our promise

Every product that Rockcote creates comes with a promise that adheres to five key principles. 

We proudly:

1. Embrace ancient knowledge and traditional skills 

Our inspiration is drawn from the enduring creativity of the early artisans whose relationship with their materials was key to delivering stunning finishes. 

2. Live in harmony with Mother Nature 

Rockcote’s innovation seeks to understand and use natural design principles to reduce our impact, helping others to do the same. 

3. Are judicious with modern science and technology 

Using the best quality raw materials, our approach to product formulation is to use just enough advanced technology to ensure our products meet the demands of our punishing Australian climate and are compatible with modern construction materials and methods. 

4. Revive the use of natural materials 

We believe that nobody wants poisons and toxins in their environment. Our pioneering work developing natural building materials for today’s buildings, using clay, lime, hemp, and straw, is changing the landscape of Australian buildings. 

5. Help people create naturally beautiful buildings that don’t cost the earth 

We know a naturally beautiful building respects nature’s limits and design principles. Every element of the design and construction process is considered and integrated through conscious collaboration. 

Stringent testing

Our ethos is worth little if it is not tried and tested in the true Australian environment where the climate is harsh, the landscape is resilient, and the expectation of product longevity is high.

Every product we create is the result of experimentation then stringent testing.

It starts with the use of raw materials to create a formula based on our desired properties in this product. 

Then we test the product and tweak it over and over until we are satisfied with the performance of the formula. 

This product is then taken into field for further live testing, using trials and feedback from applicators to understand whether our latest innovation lives up to their expectations. 

Only after months of testing, trialing, and honing a product to perfection in a real-world environment do we then even consider bringing the product to market.

Our reputation speaks for itself

We know true craftsmanship takes time. It takes revision and refining. Our rigorous product development process is part of our success story.

Working in collaboration with the industry and using real-world trials, we know our products stand the test of time, offer a sustainable alternative, and create longstanding paint and rendering solutions that are a preferred option for architects, renderers, applicators, and a growing league of stalwart users throughout the construction industry.

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