There’s an App for That! | 5 Useful Apps for Home Renovators

Homestyler Interior Design

Visualising the new look and feel of your home is one of the biggest challenges in planning your renovation. Colours, furnishings and making the most of the space you have can all make a world of difference to the final result. But how can you know what the finished reno will look like before you’ve even started?

Homestyler Interior Design will give you the chance to create a 3D mock-up of your room, adjust colours, install furniture from a range of well-known brands and even share your ideas with friends on social media to get their opinions!

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There’s nothing worse than planning out your room perfectly, only to find that your new couch is 15 centimetres too long.

MeasureKit takes the guesswork out of your planning, plus so much more. Take length and width measurements, align your angles, get your shelving level and even align your Feng Shui to the interactive compass! MeasureKit will make sure every line is straight, every surface is flush and every furnishing fits to perfection.

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Sun Seeker

There’s more to your paint choice than colour alone. Working with natural light, you can either illuminate a darker room or tone down the glare from outside.

Sunseeker allows you to plot the angle of the sun all year round. While this may sound like a lot more information than you might need, it will help you to avoid a blinding hot box in the middle of summer or a cold and gloomy cavern in winter. By working out how and when the natural light will enter your home, you will be able to select paint tone and finish to improve the overall ambience.

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Roomle 3D & AR Room Planner

Similar to Homestyler, Roomle allows you to visualise your reno in 3D. Where Roomle stands apart is that you can design your room from scratch, planning a room before it even exists.

This is particularly helpful when planning a new build or demolishing a wall to create a new space.

Again, you can add furniture, easily change wall and ceiling colours, switch flooring and adapt every aspect of your room to get the perfect combination before you’ve even set foot in it!

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Chances are, you won’t be sticking to one colour throughout your entire renovation! Color911 allows you to create, combine and adjust colour palettes to get exactly the right combination before your paintbrush even gets wet.

Select from suggested palettes, create your own from scratch or build a collection based on themes or even photos.

Your palette can then be shared with designers or paint shops to make sure you’re getting exactly the right tones for a consistent palette throughout your property.


Bonus App: Pinterest

Collecting and conveying your ideas can be tricky, especially if you aren’t onsite. Pinterest allows you to gather fresh ideas from other renovators and interior designers, collect them together and easily share them with your decorator, builder or even just reference for yourself.

Spark new ideas or express your vision clearly, Pinterest is an excellent way to collect your ideas visually.

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