Why Rockcote Remains a Family-Owned, Australian Made Business

From humble beginnings in a backyard shed, Rockcote is a home-grown success story.

First created more than 40 years ago, the brand has gone from strength to strength, supplying render and paints across Australia and to New Zealand, while also receiving numerous awards.

Yet despite its success, the Sunshine Coast based enterprise still remains a family-owned business that has stayed true to its roots.

Here’s a little insight into the history of Rockcote and why we remain a family owned, proudly Australian-made business.

A Little History

Founded more than four decades

Founded more than four decades ago by Sunshine Coast couple Bob and Chris Cameron, Rockcote owes its origins to Bob’s experience in the construction industry as a solid plasterer.

At the time, the available rendering options were limited, and Bob firmly believed there was opportunity for better coating systems that would brighten up the brick buildings common at the time.

“The challenge was to develop coating systems that had colour and style and would stand up to the harsh, variable coastal climate,” he told The Courier Mail in 2017.

“This was achieved by working closely with designers, builders, architects and tradespeople to produce a range of coatings that would come to influence Sunshine Coast style.” 

Bob and Chris built a backyard factory at their property at Yandina, and by 1987, Rockcote’s growing popularity allowed them to focus on manufacturing full-time.

Fast forward 40 years and Rockcote is now a renowned Australian brand supplying both render and paint across the country and overseas.

Sunshine Coast Factory

Rockcote is and has always been proudly manufactured at Yandina on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Here, in a coastal community whose historical claims to fame have included timber, sugar and ginger, the site has grown from that backyard shed to a dedicated processing plant and then a purpose-built factory that runs 24 hours a day and employs more than 80 staff.

Rockcote remains on the Sunshine Coast because of our affinity with the local community. It is our home, part of our history and has shaped the national business that Rockcote has become.

Quality and Sustainability

As a family-owned business, Rockcote’s focus has always been on quality and sustainability. It is part of the company’s DNA and the Rockcote team has remained true to this ethos for over 40 years.

We are steadfast in our belief that quality, environmental responsibility, and sustainability go hand in hand, and that one need not preclude the other. Over the years, Rockcote has been widely recognised for this accomplishment with numerous awards.

Our EcoStyle non-toxic paints are low odour and very low VOC, backed by a 15-year warranty*.

Our render are designed for the harsh Australian climate and renowned for their ability to stand the test of time.

* Subject to substrate and full Rockcote system.

A Commitment to Our Staff, Customers, and Community

Rockcote was developed in consultation with the Australian construction industry and its creation was based on professional insight and experience.

We continue to honour that legacy by consulting with the construction sector, working with industry insiders plus supporting and nurturing both our local staff and customers from across Australia and New Zealand.

That commitment also extends to our local community. We firmly believe in supporting the region and people who have supported us for more than 40 years.

Long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers have been a hallmark of our success as a family business for over 40 years.

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