Oxides And Tinting The Natural Materials Range

Natural oxides are used to tint the Rockcote Natural Materials range. These oxides are available in earthy tones and thus colour options for the Natural Materials range are limited. It is also possible to tint Rockcote Smooth Set to the Natural Materials colour range using oxides (please note Smooth Set is not a product in the Natural Materials range and is a concrete based patching compound).

Either oxides (in powder form) or liquid tint (oxides in liquid form) can be used depending on the product selected. Powdered oxides are used to tint dry Natural Materials products (sold in bags) and liquid tints are used for the wet Natural Materials products. Refer to the tint table below for a guide. Please note that micro oxides should be used to tint wet Natural Material products, but need to be soaked overnight before they are added slowly to the product. Liquid tints are recommended for wet products to reduce the likelihood of oxide bursts occurring in the finished product.

Tint table